Whatsapp for android gets Voice calling and other UI changes

Written by Deepak

Yes, last night, we shared, how to activate Whatsapp Voice Calling feature in your android device. But, today we saw, everyone getting it activated by receiving a Voice Call from contact, which already has that feature enabled. Some simply needed a missed call on their Whatsapp number, while some needed a complete voice call of at-least 25 seconds of duration.

Now, if you have an updated (Playstore) version of Whatsapp running on your device, you just need to receive a call from your friend, and there you are.

Along with this, there are few changes in the User Interface of Whatsapp.


When you get Voice Calling feature actived, your Whatsapp default screen gets 3 tabs for Calls, Chats and Contacts each.

Profile Popup:

Now, you don’t need to get inside each conversation, and click on their profile photo to view the enlarged profile photo. Inspite, you can directly tap on the profile photo on your conversation list, and a new profile modal pops-up, which the enlarged Profile photo, Contact Name, and quick action buttons like, message, call and more info.

Contact Invite Button

Now, when you check your Whatsapp contact tab, at the bottom, you will see, list of contacts which aren’t available on Whatsapp; and in front of every contact, there is a green color invite button, tapping which sends a predefined text message providing link to download Whatsapp app.

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