Walmart Google TV streaming stick shows up, should be even cheaper than $20

Walmart Google TV streaming stick shows up, should be even cheaper than $20
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Last month Walmart debuted its first Google TV device in the form of an ultra-cheap 4K streaming box. Now, it seems the retailer is preparing to launch something even cheaper in a Google TV streaming stick.

As spotted by ZatzNotFunny, an FCC listing has shown up that points to a streaming stick from Walmart. The device directly includes Google TV in its name, too.

Onn Full HD Streaming Device Google TV

Back in 2021 when Walmart first started producing its own streaming hardware, the company launched a 4K Android TV box and a Full HD Android TV streaming stick at $30 and $25 respectively. Eventually, those devices dropped in price, but even at launch were tremendously good deals.

When Walmart made the transition over to Google TV, it only launched a single 4K streaming box, and at a price of just under $20. This new Full HD streamer, somehow, would have to come in at a lower price point, presumably $15 or so. The device is listed with Bluetooth and both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi.

An exact launch date for this product is unknown at this point, but given how long the launch of the 4K version stretched out, it could be a few weeks or so.

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