VMWare Fusion 13 adds support for Apple Silicon Macs

VMWare Fusion 13 adds support for Apple Silicon Macs
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If you have been looking to run Windows on your Apple Silicon powered Macs, you will be happy to know that aside from Parallels Desktop, VMWare has finally added native Apple Silicon support with the launch of Fusion 13, which compared to Parallels Desktop, non-commercial users can run Windows 11 VM with a free license when they download VMWare Fusion 12 Player.

There are several reasons why one would want to run Windows on their Macs, such as running legacy devices or business apps that’s only designed for Windows. However, do note that you can only install the ARM version of Windows 11, which will offer x64-x86 emulation for Windows apps but do expect some hiccups when doing so, as Microsoft hasn’t quite worked out its ARM emulation layer yet for Windows.

VMWare has claimed great virtualization performance when running Windows and Linux on Apple Silicon Macs, while the software will still continue to support Intel based Macs with eGPU support, Fusion 13 is expected to deliver blazing fast 3D hardware acceleration to arm-based Linux virtual machines with Linux kernel 5.19 or greater.

In addition, VMWare Fusion 13 is made available in one DMG that will be used on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, so there’s no need to download a separate version and it makes mass deployment easier.

Head over here to learn more on VMWare Fusion 13 for Apple Silicon Macs.


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