Ubisoft now has an AI-powered background dialogue writer

Ubisoft now has an AI-powered background dialogue writer
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Ubisoft La Forge has created a new in-house AI tool called Ghostwriter that aims to help game developers and narrative writers save time and focus on the bigger picture of game development.

When it comes to creating immersive open-world games, every detail counts. One key element that helps build a player’s sense of immersion is background chatter, which is known in the gaming industry as “barks.” Writing barks can be a time-consuming task, and with this in mind, game developers at Ubisoft are hoping to streamline the process with a new AI tool called Ghostwriter.

Ghostwriter is a machine learning tool that generates first drafts of barks. This saves game writers time so they can focus on the more important aspects of game development.

Using Ghostwriter is rather simple. Writers input the character and type of interaction they are looking to create. The tool then produces variations of dialogue, each with two slightly different options, for writers to review. As the writers make edits to the drafts, Ghostwriter updates, ideally producing more tailored options moving forward.

Ubisoft is the latest in a long list of companies hopping on the AI trend.

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