Twitter now shows Community Notes on embedded Tweets outside the platform

Twitter now shows Community Notes on embedded Tweets outside the platform
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Community Notes may be a feature that not everyone is familiar with. These Notes are contextual information added to a Tweet, to ensure the readers of that have accurate information. With social media, users have the ability to post almost anything they want, which creates a challenge for all platforms.

Twitter has a Community Notes feature that allows content review by a number of Twitter users across the globe and when consensus is reached, the Note goes live and is seen by all who view the questionable Tweet.

We tend to see this a lot in the political space, where bold claims are often made and sometimes they’re flat out wrong, so the Community Note plays an important role in ensuring readers get an accurate representation of the news.

What’s changing today is that these Community Notes aren’t just displayed on the Twitter website, or Twitter mobile apps, but are actually added as part of the embed. This means that Tweets embedded in websites across the broader internet will show the original Tweet, along with a Community Note where they are applied.

This is an important development and a great idea from Twitter, something other Social Networks should also consider.

Community Notes outside of Twitter! You’ll now see notes on Tweets that are embedded in articles and websites, so you can get more context wherever you’re reading Tweets.

Thanks to those of you who requested this — we appreciate the feedback and suggestions.

— Community Notes (@CommunityNotes) April 28, 2023

Community Notes are also important when it comes to content attribution. Often when natural disasters occur, we see motivated actors share incorrect information, with images and videos from a completely unrelated event that occurred years earlier. I’ve seen Community Notes help correct the record and identify the content shared in that Tweet was not actually from that event.

If you sign up and are approved to be part of the Community Notes team, you’ll see an additional item in your navigation.

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