This Christmas(Today) Uber User Can Book a Chopper Ride

Written by Punit

Uber has launched its UberCHOPPER service ahead of Christmas, wherein users will be able to call for choppers for an aerial tour of the city. Uber users in Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune and Mumbai can avail the service on December 25, 2015 at Rs 4,999 for two.

Uber users can log into the app between 10 am-12 noon on Friday to put in a request for chopper ride. Also, users may have to try multiple times before their request gets processed as services are limited. Once connected, Uber will pick up passengers from their place and give them a 15-minute chopper ride.

Recharge your PayTM Wallet with ₹4,999 between 23rd to 25th December’15 from the Uber app to be eligible for the offer:

1. 20% cashback applicable on your UberCHOPPER ride and all Uber rides taken between 25th December’15 to 3rd January’16.

2. A rider can avail a maximum cashback of ₹1000 on UberCHOPPER ride.

3. A rider can avail a maximum cashback of ₹50 on every Uber ride.

4. A rider can avail a maximum cashback of ₹200 on Uber rides during the offer duration.

5. Cashbacks to be credited to your account by 6th January 2016.

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