These 16 characters can crash anyone’s Chrome browser just by mouse hover.

Written by Deepak

Every software has bugs! And if the software is Google Chrome, then everybody has the right to know about it.

A new bug has been discovered in Google Chrome, which crashes your browser when you try to click on that link. Bad thing about this bug is that, even if you hover your mouse over it, it will crash your Google Chrome browser or the current tab in some cases. Good thing about it is that, its not going to allow hackers get access with your data or credentials. Its just a small bug, which closes your browser or the opened tab. Restart your browser, and it works fine.

Just for live demo purpose, you can try to click over this line [Warning – It may crash your browser].

As of now, Google browsers above version 45 are facing this issue, but Chrome for Android is safe and isn’t affected by this bug. Google hasn’t yet released any update for its fix.

When you try to enter this below mentioned url on your Google Chrome browser, you’ll get a Chrome crashed message as shown below.

url in chrome

So, until the patch arrives, all you have to do is send this //a/%%30%30 to your friends, asking them to click over it. If they are successful, award them and even let us know.

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