The Uber CEO Hits The Road As A Driver

The Uber CEO Hits The Road As A Driver
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The Uber CEO Hits The Road As A Driver

Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, went undercover, ferried riders, and dropped off Uber Eats orders for months. He carried out this secret venture in San Francisco to understand and address the issues faced by Uber delivery agents and drivers. In this phase, the CEO has been punished for rejecting rides.

Besides, he has been tip-baited by users and passed through numerous other difficulties, making him understand what drivers and agents face daily. From his experience, Dara has decided to bring several notable changes to Uber’s operations.

What Motivated Khosrowshahi to Start the Stint

Everything sparked when Uber started to face a severe shortage of drivers in the United States in 2021. During the global pandemic, the ride-hailing service had more riders than drivers. This eventually led to prolonged wait times and increased prices. Besides this operational challenge, Khosrowshahi was being pressured continuously by investors to deliver more profits.

To address this issue, the CEO set aside $250 million to reward drivers with extra bonuses. However, the trick didn’t work well – the temptation of extra money couldn’t retain adequate drivers.

Only a handful of drivers with tremendous acceptance rates could access critical information beforehand.

Thus, Khosrowshahi concentrated on identifying the issues with Uber’s policies and product design. He realized that the sign-up process for drivers and delivery agents is pretty complicated.

To resolve this issue, he immediately created a one-step sign-up process that allows gig workers to switch between passenger transport and food delivery.

Khosrowshahi also learned that the riders’ drop locations were not shown to the drivers. Before they accepted a trip, they would just be provided with an estimated payment.

The Corrections

When carrying out his journey as a driver, Khosrowshahi realized how frustrating this could be. So, he prompted his team to quicken the timetable for all drivers in the United States so that they could know about their destinations upfront.

When Khosrowshahi tried the delivery segment, he encountered several tip-baiting instances. As such, customers used to promise a higher tip, but when the order is delivered, they pay a significantly lower amount.

While Uber tried resolving this issue by removing the feature of changing the tip amount post-delivery, most customers started dodging tips holistically.

Khosrowshahi and his team are still working to find a viable solution to this problem. The CEO is aware of the fact that Uber needs to do more to attract drivers and food delivery agents.

It’s not been long since the company has been criticized for its unjust treatment of gig workers and drivers at different corners of the globe.

There have been numerous demands for improved pay and fair policies. All this together motivated Khosrowshahi to step into the field and detect the issue. So, he started his tour of duty as an Uber driver. To carry out the job, he bought a second-hand Tesla and adopted a pseudo name, ‘Dave K.’

While Khosrowshahi has implemented significant changes to resolve the issues he faced as a driver, he has admitted that there are still miles to go.

The CEO says that his company had to fundamentally change how it built its product. It needed to do it quickly to beat the competition and uphold Uber’s trustworthiness to its drivers and delivery partners.

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