The state of 5G in Canada [SyrupCast 262]

The state of 5G in Canada [SyrupCast 262]
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On this week’s SyrupCastPatrick O’Rourke, Brad Bennett and Jon Lamont explain what 5G actually is.

Along with discussing 5G, the pod squad also delves into the current state of the technology in Canada and how the country’s implementation of the next-gen wireless tech compares to other areas of the world.

This episode is part of a sponsored two-episode series focused on 5G (the next episode drops later in September).

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This article is part of our The Future with 5G Series. A full-length documentary on 5G airs on BBC Earth Canada and MobileSyrup on August 26th. For more 5G content, check out our new hub focused on the next-generation technology.

This podcast is sponsored by Bell. MobileSyrup publishes sponsored content. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content.

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