The LG Gram Style is an iridescent 16-inch laptop with a disappearing trackpad

The LG Gram Style is an iridescent 16-inch laptop with a disappearing trackpad
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Of all the new LG Gram laptops unveiled at CES 2023, the Gram Style is the most eye-catching. It features an iridescent finish on the lid and keyboard deck that, even under the garish convention center lights here in Las Vegas, managed to look pretty. Like the rest of the Gram line, the Style is an impressively thin and light laptop for its size, with the 16-inch model coming in at 1.2kg (2.7 pounds). In fact, it’s so light that the bicep curls and front raises I did using the laptop didn’t feel like any work at all (weird flex, I know).

Speaking of flex, though, I did feel the 16-inch Style yield a little under my grip during the front raises, and it’s worth reminding you that we’ve had issues with the build quality on previous Grams. Though nothing ever actually broke during our testing, in general Gram laptops have felt less premium than other ultraportables, and almost plasticky. The Style has what LG calls a “glass design,” and I use quotes because the entire laptop isn’t actually made of glass. In fact, even after I picked it up, I couldn’t tell what the back of the device was made of, and had to ask. While the base of the notebook is made from a nano-magnesium alloy, the lid and keyboard deck, where the iridescent finish is, are Gorilla Glass 3.

That keyboard deck is also another highlight here. At first glance, it looks like there’s nothing below the keyboard, but drag your finger across the surface and two LED lines light up to indicate the boundaries of the trackpad. When I tried doing that, I didn’t even feel a difference between the touchpad and the rest of the deck — looks like LG took this “hidden trackpad” in a tactile sense as well. It’s an interesting concept that might have aesthetic benefits, but I’m not sure it will appeal to those who rely on touch to figure out where the trackpad is.

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The Style laptops also feature anti-glare OLED screens, which was so effective that I initially thought this was just a really bright and colorful LCD. That’s not a ding on the display though, I still found the Windows 11 wallpaper vibrant and crisp. 

The Gram Style isn’t the only new laptop LG showed off at CES — there are new sizes available, and all models are also available in Intel’s latest 13th-generation Core processors. For all the details on those products, as well as the full specs of the Gram Style, check out our news article here.

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