Tested: elago’s Magnetic iPad Stand elevates your workstation with an iMac-inspired design

Tested: elago’s Magnetic iPad Stand elevates your workstation with an iMac-inspired design
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elago Magnetic iPad Stand

Lately across 9to5 we’ve been boasting about just how good of an experience Apple’s latest iPads make as a full-fledged computer. To help in elevating iPadOS from just a glorified mobile operating system, today we’re taking a look at the new Magnetic iPad Stand from elago. Arriving with an iMac-inspired design, the accessory magnetically holds your iPad Pro in place in order to give it a more desktop-worthy home at your workstation.

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Hands-on with elago’s new Magnetic iPad Stand

Last fall, elago expanded its lineup of Apple accessories with a pair of new released geared towards Apple’s latest iPads. Perfect for the new M2 lineup of Pro offerings, as well as previous-generation models, the elago Magnetic iPad Stand comes complemented by a companion Magnetic Folio Case for both 12.9- and 11-inch models.

The stand arrives with an iMac-inspired design that takes a page out of the iPhone playbook with a MagSafe-like mount that’s compatible with the elago folio case, as well as any iPad that attaches the adhesive mount add-on. Looking to protect your iPad while out and about, as well as turn it into more of a full-fledged desktop at home, we’re taking a closer look to see how this higher-end accessory and its $99 price tag stacks up.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • The stand is fully compatible with elago’s Magnetic Folio Cases.
  • If you don’t have an elago magnetic folio case, use the included ring. 
  • Made in Korea to ensure quality materials and assembly.
  • Each stand is made from sleek and durable aluminum material.
  • Strong magnets keep your tablet in place.
  • Viewing angle is adjustable to optimize your work space and allows you to place the stand at various levels on your desk.

9to5Toys’ Take

We’ve been reviewing elago gear for ages here at 9to5Toys, almost always walking away impressed. Typically though we review the brand silicone gear, like iPhone cases and AirPods covers. Today we’re stepping up to something a bit more premium, with elago’s Magnetic iPad Stand swapping out the typical silicone stylings for a higher-end aluminum.

Arriving with a design that’s about as inspired by Apple as you can get, the stand draws reference to the latest M1 iMac and its own built-in stand. Copying that form-factor over to the iPad, the accessory is comprised of a premium aluminum material that comes in one of four different styles including Dark GreySilverLight Blue, and Sand Pink. For this review, elago was kind enough to send over the Light Blue style, as well as the companion folio case.

Right out of the box, and the elago Magnetic iPad Stand has quite the good feel to it. The hefty metal build is really only comprised of two pieces, with the main part of the stand being paired with the magnetic mount on top. The hinge that binds them together isn’t exactly perfect, with some slight tolerance issues that adds an ever so slight rattle. From there, though, the rest of the stand is as immaculate as you’d expect with a weighted build and soft bevel on all of the edges. The bottom even has a rubber pad to help everything in place.

elago’s latest release is designed to go alongside one of its new iPad cases, though it also works on its own. Included in the box is an adhesive ring that can stick onto the back of your device in order to bring the magnetic mounting features into the mix without needing an extra accessory. Though if you do choose to score one of the elago Folio Cases, I’ve found alternative to Apple’s own in-house version of the accessory. In either case, the magnetic hold that the stand has is very solid and even allows you to easily rotate a mounted iPad from horizontal to vertical orientations.

All said and done, the elago Magnetic iPad Stand isn’t going to be for every setup. It’s so many things, be it stylishly designed or crafted from premium materials, but there’s also what the accessory isn’t. This is hardly the best value around, but really that’s what you should expect from anything looking to imitate Apple’s classic design language.

Even so, the build really does speak for itself. It’s easily one of the best stands I’ve used with an iPad over the years. The simplicity in its design may trade in the versatility offered by other models on the market that have multiple points of articulation, but that doesn’t have to be a downside. It’s really a no-fuss solution to the idea of mounting your iPad and converting it into a desktop workstation, one that you can literally just use by snapping your iPad into place with the magnetic mount.

Does that deem it worthy of the $99 price point? Almost certainly for me, especially with those fresh colors that offer a little more flair than the standard silver colorways on the market.

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