Tesla Model S Plaid’s Incoming Track Package Promises Blistering Speeds

Tesla Model S Plaid’s Incoming Track Package Promises Blistering Speeds
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Tesla Model S Plaid

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Tesla has remained hushed about the highly anticipated Model S Plaid track package, but we can finally see the light at a fastly approaching end of the tunnel. The electric automaker decided to release the Plaid at a stunted maximum speed of 163 mph, which still dusts most all-electric vehicles. Later, Tesla unlocked 175 mph with its Track Mode update. Today, it dropped a new teaser to commemorate the arrival of the track package, a set of upgrades that will finally unlock the 200 mph top speed that originally contributed to its wide fame and fandom as the “fastest car ever.”

It can’t claim that title purely on top speed, but early road tests clocked it blazing from zero to 60 mph in 2.1 seconds, unheard of in a street-ready sedan. In 2021, Jay Leno broke the record for (at the time) the fastest production car behind the wheel of the Model S Plaid, and it’s so fast that it was banned from sanctioned drag racing events. If you’ve already purchased a Model S Plaid from 2021 onward, Tesla will offer retroactive upgrades for an added cost.

What the track package adds

The Track Package will finally make available the hardware upgrades needed to push the Tesla Model S Plaid to its limits. This includes an all-new brakes package featuring “carbon-silicon carbide rotors, and one-piece forged calipers with high-performance pads,” notes Tesla’s website, in addition to new brake fluid and track-ready tires.

Model S Plaid track pack coming soon

— Tesla (@Tesla) May 4, 2023

That kit will run you $15,000 to $20,000, and installations begin this June. That’ll take your total purchase cost beyond the $135,000+ list price, but it’s still affordable compared to similarly brisk luxury road rockets in its class (and there’s a long list of other features making a strong case for the sale for those who can afford one).

You can also purchase the 20-inch Zero-G wheels and Goodyear Supercar tires for $6,000 separately. Those include beefier center caps, valves, and lug nut covers to keep everything from spinning off the frame while maxing out the speedometer. Tesla teased the forthcoming upgrades with a short video showing the speedster racing down a track. Early Model S Plaid prototypes showed significant body modifications, including wider skirts and a large spoiler, but those upgrades don’t appear to be available as part of this package, nor do we know whether they ever will.

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