Tamadoge tipped to hit 100x following OKX IEO listing!

Tamadoge tipped to hit 100x following OKX IEO listing!
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The new cryptocurrency, game, and meme coin, Tamadoge, has changed the world we know so far! After the great initiation to the world of the crypto world, Tamadoge and its native token, TAMA, have blown away competitors and other tokens. One of the best parts is that this currency had a great presale, attracted impressive attention on social networks, and logically raised $19 million shortly.   

It is initially an exchange offering (IEO) on OKX, a centralized exchange (CEX) form, where investors can finally buy it. If OKX (previously called OKEx) is unavailable in your country, or you cannot approach it for any reason, you can register on DEX, a decentralized exchange

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What is the most critical TAMA feature?

 It isn’t easy to separate one key feature of TAMA and the most valuable reason to purchase it. This currency has a lot of great moments and advantages, and you will have grounds to become a fan. It combines P2E games, NFT tokens, metaverse, and crypto investment. All together are just the tip of the iceberg of this currency’s advantages. 

 Created on the well-known games, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Tamadoge has improved all falses and bugs that these games had. The center of the game is a pet, which the investor buys, feeds, and nurtures until it is grown. During that time, the owner can invest in it by buying clothes, additions, and other necessities. Most importantly, your pet becomes a unique feature, which you can sell if you like when it becomes an NFT token. 

 To be more excited, buyers can battle with other pets online and win rich prizes. Each winning moves up the pet on the leaderboard, increasing the value. Finally, you can win a lot of awards on giveaways. One of them just ended, and the price was $100.000. Do not worry; there will be a lot of similar actions in the future. 


Where to find TAMA?

 Tamadoge has already teased social networks and the internet. It has more than 70k followers on Twitter and more than 20k members on Telegram. You can also become a member after only a few clicks. Follow it and learn all you can about the most potential double-money investment that you can have this year. Overall, it is the best coin to invest in months to come for many reasons. 

 After the first information about it went viral, the value increased. The introductory price was 50 TAMA for 1 USDT, and it jumped to 40 TAMA for 1 USDT. Developers expect that it will be 30 TAMA shortly. It is not surprising, as we know, that they raised $19 million in only a few months, ending the presale much earlier than expected. Now is the time to invest seriously, and owners have made this job easier by listing it on OKX. After that, you can mint NFT, acquire your unique TAMA pets, and invest in the precious avatar inside the game. All above raise the price, making TAMA one of the most promising investments.

How to buy TAMA?

 After the crypto world has been shocked by the speed of selling the TAMA, it is time to start trading. You can register on OKX, a centralized exchange (CEX), and begin with trading. Developers have created a decentralized version of DEX for those who cannot write on OKX. In both ways, you can currently trade with one of the most potential meme coins on the market. DEX listing will be able at 17:00 UTC on the 27th of September. 

OKX offers new sign-ups, which could help you win a mystery box at $10.000. Regarding this option, you will make the best investment this year if you purchase TAMA. You will not be alone, creators will share more news these days, and the first withdrawals are open at 13:00 UTC on the day of listing. Do not miss this opportunity to invest in Tamadoge and prepare for massive gains in months!

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It is for sure that this year was highly stressful for crypto investors, and they will not relax next year, either. However, some currencies have the fantastic potential to multiply your money in a short time. Thanks to the type of the P2E game, Tamadoge will keep your attention for a long time. It is the most crucial feature that will keep investors entertained long enough to make a community that will make this currency safe and most sustainable in the market. Do not wait any longer; catch this opportunity to invest in a new rising star in the crypto sky and become a new member of the rapidly growing TAMA army!

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