Synology Rolls Out DSM 7.2 with Innovative Features to Meet IT Challenges

Synology Rolls Out DSM 7.2 with Innovative Features to Meet IT Challenges
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Synology has just launched DSM 7.2, providing cutting-edge solutions to address pressing IT challenges. The advanced software comes equipped with features such as immutable storage and backup, full-volume encryption, performance enhancements, rigorous access controls, and robust storage planning capabilities.

Synology’s Product Manager, Shamrock Ko, stated, “We are steadfast in our commitment to incessant innovation and improvement to ensure organizations are equipped with the requisite tools to manage their data confidently and efficiently.”

DSM 7.2 debuts license-free immutable storage and backup via WriteOnce shared folders and Immutable Snapshots. Utilizing write once read many (WORM) technology, these features empower organizations to protect their data from threats like malicious attacks, accidental deletions, and tampering by generating an immutable copy of the data. This becomes particularly vital for sectors such as healthcare, finance, and government, where strict data retention policies are a prerequisite.

The new software update also includes Full-Volume Encryption that ensures the protection of data at rest, including shared folders, LUNs, and package data. In the face of a security breach or theft, this feature ensures data privacy by rendering the stored data unreadable without the decryption key. Synology has also incorporated KMIP to simplify and centralize key management. Full-Volume Encryption also offers a writing performance boost of up to 48% when compared with applying Shared Folder Encryption to all eligible data on a volume, providing users with efficient ways to safeguard specific data or entire file systems from unauthorized access.

DSM 7.2 enhances performance and efficiency by supporting M.2 NVMe SSD storage volumes on more systems, thus offering more flexibility in the usage of built-in M.2 NVMe slots. Additionally, SSD deduplication gets a boost with the inline zero-block removal, resulting in up to 25% faster deduplication times by minimizing the data required to be stored.

On the security front, adaptive multi-factor authentication debuts in Synology systems, offering a contextually intelligent approach to security. It assesses various factors, such as device, location, time, and user behavior, to determine the need for additional verification. Security measures get an added fillip with Auto Block for connections via SMB and QuickConnect, offering robust protection against brute force attacks and globally banning threatening IP addresses.

The DSM 7.2’s Active Insight includes storage capacity forecasting to help IT administrators and MSPs plan for future storage needs by providing insights into current storage usage and predicting future capacity requirements. DSM system notifications are enhanced with flexible settings and support for Microsoft Teams and LINE notifications.

Finally, DSM 7.2 brings a series of notable improvements across applications and services, including Global File Locking for Hybrid Share, Docker Compose for Container Manager, and OIDC and SAML protocol support for SSO Server and SAML and CAS protocol support for SSO Client.

Synology DSM 7.2 is now available for all customers worldwide.


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