Synology introduces powerful and compact DiskStation DS723+ 2-bay NAS

Synology introduces powerful and compact DiskStation DS723+ 2-bay NAS
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Synology has introduced the DiskStation DS723+, a powerful 2-bay NAS that’s ideal for home and small businesses, it is powered by an AMD Ryzen R1600 dual-core processor and can be paired with up to 32GB DDR4 ECC RAM with two RAM slots, it also offers optional 10GbE networking with a upgrade slot, a feature that’s usually only available on its more expensive NAS servers, while it continues to offer two NVMe slots that can be used as cache and storage pools.

Synology claims read and write speeds of up to 471MB/s and 225MB/s respectively when performing file transfers over a 10GbE network, users can further expand up to 7 drives with the DX517 expansion unit when they require more storage in the future, making this a future proof investment and reduces the need to set up a new NAS server.

DSM 7.0

The DS723+ is powered by the DSM operating system, which offers exclusive features such as Synology Drive, a feature that combines cross-platform file access with the privacy offered by on -premises storage, Synology Hybrid Share that allows users to merge the benefits of on-premises and cloud by storing cold data in the cloud while keeping frequently accessed files cached on the local device for access at LAN speeds, and Synology Surveillance Station that turns the NAS into a full-fledged video management system with support for over 8300 validated IP cameras and ONVIF devices.

Available starting today, the DS723+ can be purchased at Synology partners, resellers and PC retail shops nationwide.

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