Sync your Facebook Calendar with Google Calendar

Written by Deepak

Say if you can sync all your Facebook birthdays or Events to your Google Calendar. The same Google Calendar will be available to you on your smart phone. Add it like a widget and always be updated with your friend’s birthday dates.

Below are required steps:

  1. Login to your Facebook account and Facebook Calendar page or visit
  2. Look for option to sync or import your Facebook calendar to Outlook,  Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.
  3. It is placed at the right-sidebar in bottom. Would look like this below image.
  4. Do a right-click on the “Birthdays” link and click on “Copy Link AddressCopy-Link-address-fb
  5. Now open Google Calendar in new Tab or visit //
  6. Select “Settings” option by clicking on the “Gear” icon as shown below gear-google-calendar
  7. Once “Settings” page is open, look for “Add Calendar” option on right-side and click on “From URL”
  8. Click the “From URL” will open a new page “” and then paste your link we copied on Step No: 4, and click on “Add Calendar” button.
  9. Once done, your newly added calendar will appear on right-side at the bottom looking like this:
  10. Now click on that newly added Calendar, it will show you more customisable options like color, name, permission, sharing or remove.fb-cal-name
  11. Now your Facebook Calendar has been integrated with Google Calender or anyother you want, just follow similar steps.
  12. You can even view this calendar in your smartphone by installing Google Calendar on your mobile device.

Hope it worked for you ! Keep reading 🙂

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