STEPN Stays Red as FGHT Looks Set to Pump by 50x To Be The Best Move-2-Earn Crypto in 2023

STEPN Stays Red as FGHT Looks Set to Pump by 50x To Be The Best Move-2-Earn Crypto in 2023
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Move-2-earn crypto projects are gaining popularity lately because of their multiple beneficial effects on users.

STEPN was the revolutionary project that firsts started promoting the move2earn concept by rewarding the users for running, walking, and jogging. However, its native token GMT has been seeing red and dropping drastically over the past month.

Hence, it seems that Fight Out will take over the market with its innovative concept that will help users to gamify and completely transform their fitness routines. Let’s dive deeper into the essence of this project!

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Why will FGHT pump by 50x this year? 

Fight Out is a new M2E (move to earn) platform that experts believe will become one of the most successful projects this year. It will integrate real-life stats into the application that the users will use on their mobile phones. The users will be asked to create an avatar for themselves when they enter the Fight Out app.

Many users will like the fact that the soulbound NFT avatar in the metaverse will be identical to the user in real life. This means that it cannot be resold because it is permanently attached to the user’s progress. This is mandatory so everyone in the metaverse can view your progress in real-time.

The avatar of the user will keep getting updates as the user works on achieving fitness goals. There will also be challenges that will bring FGHT tokens as a reward, which can then be exchanged for real-life cash. Fight Out combines workout routines with various incentives and substantial income opportunities. It is the perfect combination for people looking into ways to work on their stamina and mobility but also earn instead of losing money on endless gym memberships that won’t give you what you need in the long run. 

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What will investors get from Fight Out? 

With thousands of crypto projects on the market, it is clear that investors want to see the real utility. Fight Out will surely deliver because it truly utilizes all the advantages the blockchain can provide. The goal is to use the funds raised through the presale of its native token, FGHT, to establish modern gyms that will be equipped with sensors. The users will be able to exercise and instantly receive the data on the app, which will certainly make tracking the progress much easier. Since it is connected this way, it will motivate people to keep going and push their limits further. The point is to help people get healthier and stronger continuously. Exercising on a regular basis will bring real results that the users count on. 

The token that powers this platform, FGHT, will be used for personalizing the avatar, but it will also be one way of rewarding the players. The users will be able to compete in the Fight Out Metaverse to earn more FGHT tokens. Fight Out has a wide range of fun games that offer both PVP(Player vs. Player) and PVE (Player vs. Environment) modes. To win glory and titles and get a share of the prize pool, users can pay $FGHT to participate in the tournaments and contest modes. Also, there will be a battle royale. 

In addition, the users will also earn REPS which can be used to upgrade the avatar’s stats and appearance. The goal is to show the users that hard work truly pays off. The combination of the rewards and multiple games, together with real opportunities for achieving fitness goals, is what attracts the investors to come and invest, so if you wish to become a part of it, don’t miss this opportunity!

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Learn from the finest athletes in the world

Guidance is the essence of every fitness journey. It is usually the element that makes the difference between working harder and losing motivation. Compared with the traditional cooperation with the personal trainer and the expenses that come with it, Fight Out adopts a different approach. The users will have videos that will always be available as a form of guidance, but there will also be on-demand consultations for people who would like advice from top-notch professionals. 

The ambassadors of Fight Out are Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas, who are both MMA fighters. In addition, there is Savannah Marshall – a professional boxer. Also, there is Tremayne Dortch – a gym advisor that the users can also learn from. It is the finest group of professionals who will offer their knowledge and contribute to the evolution of Fight Out and its community. 

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FGHT presale raised $5,2 million

The presale of FGHT tokens is progressing very quickly. It already hit a $5 million dollars milestone a few days ago, which has been surpassed by now, so it is currently on the $5,2 million mark. The planned end date of the presale is March 31st, but since the price of the tokens gets increased throughout the stages, becoming an early investor will help you get more tokens at a lower price. In addition, the early investors will be able to claim up to a 67% presale bonus. 

The Fight Out team has already announced the CEX (centralized exchanges) listings, so the initial listings include LBank, DigiFinex, Uniswap, and BitForex. It is expected that these listings will go live on April 5th. We can expect more listings in the near future. 

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The crypto market is evolving, and so is the fitness industry. Move2earn is the future of fitness, and it is up to you to utilize the advantages that this concept offers. Fight Out attracts enormous attention with its appealing features making it evident that the price of FGHT tokens will pump as soon as the presale ends, so hurry up and get them before that happens!

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