Source: New Fitbit Charge 6 will look like the Charge 5

Source: New Fitbit Charge 6 will look like the Charge 5
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Since Fitbit already announced its “fall lineup,” the emergence of a new fitness tracker is quite odd. However, the Google-owned company is already working on the “Charge 6” and Fitbit’s next tracker looks identical to the previous generation. 

Just before the Sense 2 and Versa 4 were announced, we reported that Google Wallet was coming to Fitbit’s next smartwatches. As part of that, we also found evidence that Google was testing Wallet with a “Charge 6” device. 

On the same day that Fitbit announced its trio of new devices, FB424 arrived at the FCC. Regulatory approval heavily suggests that this will be a product that hits store shelves. Featuring just Bluetooth and NFC, the similarities to the Charge 5 are clear as only that line has ever offered on-wrist payments.

According to a source, the Fitbit Charge 6 is near identical to the Charge 5, which is predominately a curved glass surface with an aluminum body that has shiny strips on the left and right for ECG readings. This is not overly surprising since the Charge 3 and 4 kept the same design for two generations, and allows for band reuse.

The question now is what features warrant an upgrade, with the Charge 5 announced in August 2021. As of late, the Charge line has been positioned as offering the capabilities of Fitbit’s most advanced smartwatch but in a smaller form factor. Fitbit could include the Sense 2’s “new Body Response sensor” to measure “continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) for all-day stress management right.”

It would also be nice if the Charge 6 had an altimeter for elevation and floor tracking, while GPS improvements would also be ideal.

One of the more curious aspects about the Charge 6 is when it will launch. It does not seem like it will launch this year and thus will miss out on the upcoming holiday season. Early next year, possibly at CES, makes the most sense. However, in hitting the FCC already, it signals that a new model is coming and might cannibalize Charge 5 sales heading into the busiest shopping period.

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