Reliance JioPlay – Live TV on your smartphone device.

Reliance Jio is yet to be launched, and its not only working on launching 4G internet service, but also a bunch of product based services like an Jio Television (Android based Set Top Box), Jio Play (Live Television), Jio World (100 Gb Free storage for users), Mi-Fi (Local Wifi Network), and suite of services like Music Streaming, Video Calling & VoIP, Instant messenger, Payment Services (like prepaid wallets).

Most of the products will be app based, which you can access anytime right from your smartphone.

Though Reliance Jio hasn’t been launched in any of the states in India, but its rumored to be launched in Tamil Nadu soon, Relaince Jio also gave a live demo of its 4G services at a Techfest held in the campus organized by IIT-Bombay and is offering free WiFi at few places like some Shopping malls in Navi Mumbai.


We got our hands on the Reliance JioPlay, which is a smartphone app, using which you can view Live TV channels on your device anytime. Not only live, but this app also allows you to access any program from last 7 days.
All the TV programs are stored on Reliance Jio Play servers, which can be later watched by users. You can play/pause the current live feed on your smartphone and resume,rewind, forward it to continue your program.


Till date, there are around 298 channels inside the app, The app allows you to filter your channel list depending upon language, channel category like music, news, movies, infotainment and many more.
You will be able to link your smartphone with Reliance Set Top box and control it or share your current mobile channel directly on the TV.


The app has a side menu of left hand side which consists of list of channels you filtered depending upon category and language. On the right side, you have list of current, previous, upcoming programs to choose from. It also has channels available in HD mode for better viewing experience. Features like record, set favorite, transfer to TV are also available with the app.

The app hasn’t been launched yet, and is under testing among the company employees. But after its launch, it may be available with weekly, monthly or package subscription.

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