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In world’s first, FreeCharge introduces voice recharge on Windows Mobile Phone, users can now recharge their phone/TV (in India) without the need to fill the form or click on tabs. Set up a customized voice command to recharge the phone. Open the application and say the voice command that is setup and the recharge will be done.

The Voice Recharge feature started as an experiment to make a recharge or transaction a simpler experience. Voice Recharge takes users 15-20 second and this includes completing a successful transaction and getting confirmation from the Mobile Operator. It works magically on the Windows platform. Voice Command recharge uses FreeCharge credits for the payment. Make sure FreeCharge credits holds sufficient amount to recharge.

First ensure that the Speech language on your Lumia is set to English (India). If not, tap Settings → speech and select it.

Here’s how you can create a Voice Card and recharge your phone’s balance or cable connection via voice commands:

  1. Open the FreeCharge app and do a successful recharge of your selected amount.
  2. Tap save as voice card button shown on the recharge response page.
  3. Give a name to the voice card and tap on save. This will create a voice card with all the recharge information taken from the previous transaction.
  4. Listen to the voice command by tapping on talk to recharge command button (usually the command would be Freecharge <card name>).

Once the voice card is created, you can speak out the command and initiate the recharge in following steps:

  1. Tap and hold the search button on your Lumia to activate speech recognizer (long press windows button in case of a Windows Phone 8.0 device)
  2. Speak out the command when speech recognizer is listening. Once the command is recognized, it will start the recharge.
  3. Recharge done.

Source : FreeCharge

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