Quizlet launches four generative AI-powered tools to simplify studying

Quizlet launches four generative AI-powered tools to simplify studying
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The summer came and went, and it is officially back-to-school season. Thanks to ChatGPT‘s bombshell debut last fall, this back-to-school season is coming with the launch of plenty of new AI tools for students, and now Quizlet joins the list. 

On Tuesday, Quizlet announced four new AI features that will help with student learning and managing their classwork, including Magic Notes, Memory Score, Quick Summary, and AI-Enhanced Expert Solutions. 

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With Magic Notes, students can upload their classroom notes and automatically transform them into study tools, including outlines, flashcards, practice tests, and more, according to Quizlet.

The feature is available today and can also create additional course materials such as sample essay topics and simplified summaries. 

The Memory Score feature allows students to measure their familiarity with the material and schedule reviews to ensure material retention. 

Like the Memory Score feature, the Quick Summary feature will help students retain material by pulling key concepts out of dense readings, creating more digestible summaries for students. 

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Lastly, the new AI-enhanced Expert Solutions feature will give students step-by-step guidance on how to solve homework problems of all complexities leveraging AI and millions of expert-written explanations. 

Quizlet shares that these new features will be available to students 16 and above in the US, UK, and CA for the back-to-school season. Free users will have limited access to the features, while Quizlet Plus users can gain unlimited access. 

Quizlet also teased the launch of other AI-powered learning tools such as Essay Starter, which, as the name suggests, will help students get essays started, and Brain Beats, which will turn study material into catchy songs to help users memorize it. 

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The company is familiar with AI, having used AI to power its platform way before the AI boom began. Quizlet also leveraged AI in February to launch Q-Chat, an AI tutor that uses ChatGPT. 

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