Protect and Charge Your Apple Watch With Our Favorite Accessories

Protect and Charge Your Apple Watch With Our Favorite Accessories
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If you have an iPhone, you probably have an Apple Watch. It’s our best smartwatch and best fitness tracker for iPhone owners. It dominates the smartwatch category, with over a third of the market share. Even if the iterative improvements on last year’s Series 7 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) didn’t blow any minds, it’s still one of the most durable, comprehensive, and comfortable connected wearables available for the money. 

Personally, I’ve never cracked an Apple Watch screen or case. Apple does offer an extended warranty plan, which I would consider, given that service pricing for watch repairs is exorbitant. In the event that you turn it down, however, these screen protectors and cases can help extend the life of your indispensable timer, alarm clock, and sleep tracker. We also included some of our favorite straps and chargers.

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    My Favorite Strap

    Apple Sport Loop

    There’s a good chance you bought an Apple Watch for its robust fitness features. If so, I’d like to recommend my favorite strap. The woven nylon sport strap is comfortable and wicking; sweat doesn’t get trapped under an impermeable silicone band and make my skin rash. The Velcro is adjustable, so I can tighten or loosen it as my arms swell or shrink with activities. And like all of Apple’s proprietary accessories, it comes in a variety of colors that will match your watch well. 

    If you swim or do other underwater sports, you’ll probably be better served by the silicone sports band

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    Best Budget Strap

    Proatl Jelly Band for Apple Watch

    In the course of testing for this guide, I’ve discovered over and over again that the best accessory isn’t always the most expensive. This jelly band case fits my 41-mm Series 7 well and includes both the strap and a raised, protective bumper case. The strap has enough holes to fit a wide variety of wrist sizes. It’s waterproof, doesn’t irritate my skin, and completely changes the look of the watch. Most importantly, it only costs $8, so you can order a few in a few different colors to match your outfits. 

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    The Smallest Case

    Hontao Ultra Thin Case

    Unlike a phone, you wear your watch on your wrist. Every millimeter of real estate counts. If all you want is a thin, affordable, and attractive bumper that will protect your watch from stray bumps and bangs throughout the day, this is my favorite. It’s made from a matte thermoplastic urethane (TPU) that is extremely thin and fits well on my 41-mm Series 7. The dark green color is well-represented by the images on the website. However, reviews do say that the lighter colors show dirt very easily, so I would stick with darker shades if possible. 

    ★ Alternative: The Spigen Thin Fit ($14) is also a very nice, minimal case. But it’s a bit pricier, and the plastic is not as soft to the touch. 

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