PICO 4 Pro VR Headset Available for Preorder, Starting from $553

PICO 4 Pro VR Headset Available for Preorder, Starting from $553
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On April 12, PICO, a VR device company under ByteDance, announced that its latest PICO 4 Pro VR all-in-one headset has started pre-sale in the Chinese market.

PICO’s online self-operated flagship store on has released pre-order links. The regular version of 8+512GB is priced at 3799 yuan ($553), and comes with two VR games. The 8+512GB version is priced at 3949 yuan and comes with four VR games. The 8+512GB Plus version is priced at 4149 yuan and comes with six VR games. All versions will receive an additional two VR games upon payment of the final installment.

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As the top product in PICO’s VR headset lineup, the PICO 4 Pro features a laser gold curved mirror with strong recognition and weighs 304g. During use, the evenly distributed weight of the headset body will make its center of gravity closely fit against the user’s face for a more comfortable wearing experience.

PICO 4 Pro (Source: PICO)

The PICO 4 Pro has three more infrared cameras than the inside of the PICO 4, which supports tracking eye movements and facial expressions. Meanwhile, PICO 4 Pro will be equipped with facial recognition and eye-tracking functions, which can effectively reduce vertigo and improve game experiences. The device offers a pancake lens, which can greatly reduce the weight of the headset.

In terms of specifications, the new device is equipped with a 6070mAh battery, which is a 13% increase compared to that of PICO 4. It also features two 2.56-inch Fast-LCD screens with an overall resolution of 4320×2160, a refresh rate of 90Hz, and a viewing angle of 105 degrees. Additionally, it comes with infrared optical positioning systems, further enhancing its optical sensors.

PICO 4 (Source: PICO)

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