Philips Hue adds PC gradient lightstrip, targeting gamers

Philips Hue adds PC gradient lightstrip, targeting gamers
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Philips has a range of smart lighting products and back in December, I reviewed their gradient light strip for the TV, but now, they have a similar product for PC Gamers.

The early version of smart lighting products could move between many different colours, but only a single colour at a time. These newer solutions have an array of multi-colour LEDs and are able to produce a gradient of different colours to fill your room.

What’s great about the Philip Hue implementation is that the lightstrip is really robust, and feels solid, rather than a fragile string of lights. The way you attach the lightstrip to the back of your display, is to mount the corner pieces to the back of your monitor (supports 24”–27” monitors) and clip the flexible light strip to it.

Using the Hue Sync desktop app, you can have your gaming action, extended beyond the screen and fill your light with multiple colours. This is a really neat effect and can certainly add to the drama and immersiveness of a gaming session. Don’t forget it also looks pretty great on Instagram and Twitch too.

The Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip PC will be available from November from JBHIFI.

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