Paytm Inbox is here – Messaging Platform from Paytm

Written by Deepak

Say Hi! to Paytm’s Inbox. Paytm Inbox is a new messaging feature from Paytm which allows it’s users to communicate with people/friends. Paytm Inbox has been integrated inside your Paytm app and it scans the phone contacts and shows the list of Paytm users. You can communicate, chat, send photos, videos, live locations, send/request money, play games with each other.

This will make payments easier, as everyone from individuals to local retail stores to home-based entrepreneurs can now interact and initiate payments on-the-go.

It has too many perks of having this feature inside the Wallet itself. You can communicate with your friends for daily talks, use it as a dedicated messaging app as well (like an alternative to WhatsApp). You can communicate with a Shop-Vendor who uses Paytm and make your order and pay them instantly, then the shopkeeper can deliver you your products. You can talk to your relatives/family and request/send money on the go.


The money transfer is very instant and hassle-free. Just click on Pay, it asks for Amount, enter the value you want to transfer, Paytm then checks your wallet for balance and deducts it and sends that much money to your contact. If the money you want to send is less than that available inside your Wallet, it prompts you to add that difference amount using Debit/Credit/Netbanking.


If you are already using Paytm app for your transactions and wallet payments, you just need to update the app and this feature gets available to you.


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