OPPO VP Li Kaixin leaves the company

OPPO VP Li Kaixin leaves the company
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Li Kaixin, the assistant vice president of Chinese smartphone maker OPPO and head of its IoT (Internet of Things) business group, has left the company, according to an August 2 report from Chinese media outlet 36Kr. Li’s departure was due to personal reasons, OPPO said in a statement. Before joining OPPO, Li had worked as Huawei’s sales vice president of China and headed up the smartphone unit at Qihoo 360. Li joined OPPO as the head of its IoT business group at the beginning of 2022. During his tenure, the company ventured into IoT products such as smart cat litter boxes and automatic smart door locks but only saw average results in terms of sales, according to 36Kr. Additionally, OPPO’s TV business under its IoT group had a market share of less than 0.3% in 2022, according to 36Kr, citing statistics from big data service provider AVC. [36Kr, in Chinese]

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