OPPO Pad 2 with Snapdragon 888 SoC hits Geekbench twice over in potential pre-launch leak

OPPO Pad 2 with Snapdragon 888 SoC hits Geekbench twice over in potential pre-launch leak
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OPPO Pad 2 rumors are back. (Source: OnePlus)
OPPO Pad 2 rumors are back. (Source: OnePlus)

A tablet thought of as the “OPPO Pad 2” prior to its launch eventually debuted as the OnePlus Pad instead. Now, however, the former name is now back on Geekbench, albeit with a Qualcomm chipset as opposed to the latter’s MediaTek Dimensity SoC. Therefore, it now seems like OPPO intends to release its version of the tablet with this ex-flagship platform instead.

A series of leaks and intrigue seemed to have reached the conclusion that OPPO would in fact release its rumored second-gen Pad through its “co-brand” OnePlus instead. Now, however, it seems that this tablet may be joined in at least some markets worldwide by its effective twin the Pad 2 – albeit with a difference of silicon between the duo.

The “OPPO Pad 2” has surfaced in a new benchmarking leak with the same model number as in some of its earlier leaks (OPD2201). However, this version has popped back up in the absence of the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor with which OnePlus is currently hyping the pre-release Pad.

Instead, the “Pad 2” has appeared on Geekbench 6, as well as its older 5 version, with a Qualcomm chipset that has 1 of its 8 cores clocked at 2.84GHz: the Snapdragon 888, seemingly. Both of its new leaks hint at 8GB of RAM and a version of ColorOS 13 for the Pad series out of the box.

The new tips thus invite speculations that there is a version of the new ReadFit Display tablet with the in-built mobile data the OnePlus Pad lacks thanks to a more tried-and-true Qualcomm chipset on the way, just with OPPO branding (and possibly styling) this time around. Then again, the so-called Pad 2 has yet to see anything like an official launch teaser thus far.

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