Opera Announces Free VPN For iOS Users To Compete Paid Alternatives

Opera Announces Free VPN For iOS Users To Compete Paid Alternatives
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Opera recently announced that it’s launching an updated version of its iOS app that will now feature a built-in free VPN. This feature was already available on Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux.

With the addition of a free VPN for iOS users, Opera will become one of the first browsers to offer free VPNs across all major platforms.

This move is expected to give Google, one of Opera’s biggest competitors, a run for its money. Last year, Google extended its VPN services to Mac and Windows users along with the existing Android and iOS user base.

At a time when both popular browsers are offering paid VPN connections, Opera, with its free VPN, has garnered a lot of traction.

But what gives Opera an edge here is that while their VPN is free, Google’s VPN services are only for paid subscribers on the Google One Premium plan.

Apple, another notable competitor of Opera, also offers a similar encryption feature. Although it’s not really a VPN, it has a tool for encrypting internet connection under the iCloud Private Relay feature, which does pretty much the same thing. But again, it’s only available to paid subscribers.

In fact, Opera also reassured customers that they don’t have to create an account or log into it to use their free VPN service. There’s nothing you have to offer in exchange for the VPN.

How Does It Work?

Using the free VPN is fairly simple. Just click on the app, visit the main menu, and turn on the VPN connection; no additional extensions are required.

Your anonymity ensured, you have safe and speedy access to virtual locations around the world.Opera Blog Post

Another noteworthy benefit of using Opera and its VPN is its strict no-log policy. This means that even their internal team won’t collect any of your personal data as long as you have the VPN turned on.

Now, you might wonder how Opera can provide a free VPN to so many users. Isn’t that a bad deal? Well, it turns out that Opera has multiple revenue sources and does not rely on VPNs to make extra money. For example, based on ad revenues and technology license fees alone, Opera expects revenue of $370 to $390 million for 2023.

You’ll also find a built-in ad blocker for a seamless browsing experience and a Live Score feature for sports fans.

Although the ultimate goal of Opera is still unknown, the app has been updated with quite a few new features, along with the built-in free VPN. For example, iOS users have access to a new feature called “My Flow,” which can be used to share files. This file-sharing feature is easy to use, private, and doesn’t require you to log in or create a new account.

Recently, it also rose to fame after becoming the first browser to have built-in access to TikTok, an app used by more than 1.53 billion people worldwide.

The VPN and other new features will be launched today, but it might take a few weeks for the new changes to reflect on every device. Opera hasn’t released an official expected date for completing the roll-out.

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