OpenAI just released an official ChatGPT app for the iPhone

OpenAI just released an official ChatGPT app for the iPhone
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OpenAI's official ChatGPT app for the iPhone
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ChatGPT users who’d been looking for an official mobile app can now grab one courtesy of OpenAI, which today launched an iOS app for its popular AI chatbot. Designed for free ChatGPT users as well as paid Plus subscribers, the app provides the same capabilities as the website, letting you enter your requests and prompts and receive AI-generated information in return. But the mobile app also offers a couple of extra benefits.

Using OpenAI’s open-source Whisper speech recognition system, the app allows you to speak your queries rather than enter them by tapping away at your keyboard. The app will also sync your chat history across your computer and mobile device so you can pick up from a previous conversation. Those of you with a paid ChatGPT Plus subscription can also use the app to gain early access to new features and tap into GPT-4 with its enhanced capabilities.

OpenAI touted the app as offering a variety of features, including instant answers that try to provide precise info without saddling you with ads, tailored advice on specific interests and hobbies, creative inspiration to generate content, professional input to assist you with complex ideas and technical subjects, and learning opportunities to help you explore new languages and other areas.

The launch of the new app has kicked off in the U.S. and will expand to other countries in the coming weeks, according to OpenAI. And what of Android users? The company teased that an Android version of the mobile app is coming soon.

To download the app on your iPhone, grab it from Apple’s App Store. After opening the app, log in with your ChatGPT account or tap the Sign up button if you don’t yet have an account. At the main screen, you can then type or speak your prompt at the Message field and wait for the response. An ellipsis icon at the top displays a menu with options to rename or delete a chat, access your chat history, start a new chat, and tweak the app’s settings.

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