OnePlus Nord 3 will launch as an Ace 2V with different rear cameras

OnePlus Nord 3 will launch as an Ace 2V with different rear cameras
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The Nord 3 - except not really. (Source: OnePlus)
The Nord 3 – except not really. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus’ introduction of the Ace 2V as a new performance-on-a-budget smartphone for the Chinese market sparked speculation that the same device would also launch as the Nord 3 in other markets. Now, according to the latest leak, that is the case, although the 2V’s alleged global version will launch with a different – and potentially superior – main rear camera.

The OnePlus Pad has the Dimensity 9000 SoC in common with the Ace 2V, although the latter is a smartphone only available in China to date. However, that is thought to change soon with the launch of a successor to the  Nord 2.

XDA contributor MlgmXyysd now asserts that the device is, like its putative forebear the CE 3 Lite, destined for the Indian and European markets. The Nord 3 (or “vitamin“, even though OnePlus typically likes to code-name its devices after snack foods) is thus tipped to have the exact same internal specs as the 2V, its 1.5K Fluid AMOLED display included.

Then again, the smartphone was unleashed with rear camera specs that might be described as indifferent at best in China. The “Nord 3“, on the other hand, is allegedly pictured with an OxygenOS (13.0) specs page that indicates a “50M+8M+2M” camera set-up instead.

If so, that implies a switch to a potentially better (or newer, at the very least) main camera in the Nord 3, even though the device’s ultrawide-angle and macro shooters apparently remain the same. Then again, the 2V launched with 11-esque green and black color options, whereas OnePlus is rumored to have switched to Gray, Cyan and possibly Blue shades for the upcoming Nord-series flagship.

Other new alleged shots of the ‘global 2V’ may hint at a box with an 80W SuperVOOC charger in it, not to mention the inclusion of an IR remote function.

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