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oneone – Untraceable messaging application for mobiles.

How government/security agencies are keeping eyes on their people, how social media is collecting information about users from their activities, chats, emails or the fear of information loss to hackers have led people go for secure and reliable communicating applications.


One such app has arrived on Android as well as iOS platform. OneOne is such an app, which uses a secure mode for making conversations more private and untraceable. OneOne only supports text messaging right now.

OneOne provides seven (7) channels of ultra discreet communication without requiring users to create an account, or connect via social networks or even provide any sort of personal identifying information such as mobile numbers, email address or more.


How does it work ?

  1. Install the app, no need to register, create account or anything.
  2. Tap on any of the 7 channels to open a secure channel, select a Nickname for the selected channel.
  3. Click on the settings icon (on top right corner) select on the link icon, and then copy the URL or mail it to invite your contact, with whom you’d like to have your conversation.
  4. The use the link to open your channel in their app and there is your secure connectivity.

All the messages are encrypted and destroyed automatically after 24 hours or after deletion of secure channel. And One one doesn’t tracks or stores any user data.

Official Website:

Download App:

Android Playstore

iOS Store

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