No matter, whoever says, don’t type this on Skype.

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Days back, iOS for mobile was facing a major bug issue, where its users weren’t able to access their messaging app after receiving a specific string in their inbox. This time its Skype, its been reported that Skype messenger for Windows, Android and iOS is getting crashed after sending this text string “//:” (without quotes) in chat. Only Mac users are safe right now, as they aren’t facing any such issue.

This issue was raised by a Skype user “Giperion” posted on it in the community forums  and reported by VentureBeat.


Screenshot from VentureBeat

This is an annoying bug, as it doesn’t has a quick solution or one time issue. As the chat is maintained in your messenger history, every-time you sign-in into your Skype, the chat history gets downloaded and again your messenger will crash. So, even if you think, you could try this bug once or prank your friends and will escape, it won’t happen. It affects both the machines, one who sent the message as well who received it. And whenever you sign-in, or start your Skype, if will crash your application.


Screenshot from VentureBeat

This bug can’t be escaped even if you try to uninstall and install it again either in Windows desktop/ Android or clear your chat history, as it will anyhow download your chat history from cloud and affect it.

For the time-being, if you are affected and are using the latest version of Skype (which is ver.7), then you need to ask the sender to delete that message from his chat history and then go and uninstall your Skype and install a older version (i.e. ver. 6 or lower than current) and it may help you out. This workaround is not possible in Android as, playstore won’t provide you older version.

Skype has assured a quick fix for this issue soon. Lets wait until then and try this thing when it arrives 🙂

Screenshots from VentureBeat.


In less than 24 hours, Skype rolled out the updates for their messenger on all the platforms. And you don’t need to uninstall your current app,  simply download the latest version from Skype’s official website and update. For Android and iOS users, visit your respective app stores and hit update.

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