New Google Home app redesign is disappearing for some

New Google Home app redesign is disappearing for some
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The new Google Home app left its limited preview and rolled out to all users in May, but has now randomly disappeared for some users.

Reports across Reddit and Google’s forums show quite a few users who are seeing their Google Home app revert back to the previous design. This seems to be tied to the 3.2 release which rolled out across Android and iOS last week, and the issue is happening on both platforms.

For those who have seen their app revert, clearing the app’s data seems to briefly trigger the new UI to appear once again, but it quickly reverts back again shortly after. One common thread across many of these reports is the Public Preview program, with many saying that they participated in the program to get early access to the new Home app.

According to some, withdrawing from the program fixes the issue. Leaving the program comes with no immediate downsides, as even the new Script Editor doesn’t require access to the Preview Program, at least for the web version.

Going back to the original Home app after getting the upgrade is obviously a bummer, as the new design is easier to use and has many more features. It would be especially annoying for Nest Cam owners, seeing as the upgraded app brings major improvements to Google’s latest smart home cameras.

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This is the new Google Home app redesign

Google hasn’t officially commented on the situation, at least as far as we’ve seen, but this is likely a temporary issue as the new design settles in. We’d expect it to be fixed in a matter of days, but if you’re affected, let us know in the comments below!

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