Netflix with ads could cost between $7 and $9 per month

Netflix with ads could cost between $7 and $9 per month
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Netflix’s forthcoming ad-supported tier could represent a significant discount on the company’s existing plans. According to , the streaming giant is considering a monthly price between $7 and $9. For context, the company’s current “Basic” plan starts at $10 per month and does not include HD streaming. You can pay as much as $20 every 30 days to access 4K content on Netflix.

The new tier could arrive in half a dozen markets before the end of the year, with a broader rollout planned for 2023. Bloomberg reports that Netflix wants to avoid many of the complaints that frequently come up with other ad-supported streaming services. At first, the company plans to show only about four minutes of ads every hour and won’t place any at the end of a show or movie. Additionally, most people will see the same selection of ads, mainly because Netflix wants to avoid a situation where people see the same few advertisements repeatedly.

Bloomberg previously reported that Netflix doesn’t plan to show ads during . Code found within the app suggests the new tier could also drop . Netflix described Bloomberg’s report as “all just speculation at this point” in a statement the company shared with , adding that it was “still in the early days of deciding how to launch a lower priced, ad-supported tier and no decisions have been made.”

For years, Netflix bristled at the thought of adding an ad-supported tier, but that was before its most recent slump. In its most recent fiscal quarter, Netflix , following a .

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