Navigating a Volatile Crypto Market: MATIC and ADA Experience Price Drops, While New Coins Rally to Impressive Presale Milestones

Navigating a Volatile Crypto Market: MATIC and ADA Experience Price Drops, While New Coins Rally to Impressive Presale Milestones
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Many of us have been predicting an SEC crackdown for quite some time now as the government agency seemed hell-bent on regulating crypto. The market is likely to be volatile for quite some time now and things are likely to get worse before they get better.

The SEC announced this week that they had filed lawsuits against both Binance and Coinbase. While the former we had seen coming for quite some time, the lawsuit against Coinbase was a bit surprising. The SEC’s argument is the same thing as the ongoing case against Ripple, they believe Coinbase is listing coins that should be listed as securities which they are currently not.

The lawsuit mentions 13 currencies in total, two of the biggest altcoins mentioned were Cardano (ADA) and Polygon (MATIC) and this has caused their price to tank.

polygon (matic)

Time to Avoid Altcoins

What we need to take from this crackdown is that altcoins should be off the table for investors. This was coming down the train tracks for quite some time now but it still seems to have taken many by surprise. We can now expect a lot of volatility in the near future, so what should investors do?

Avoiding the major altcoin market is a start, it is hard to draw a line where this ends but in general, it is established projects. All 13 coins listed by the SEC have been around for quite some time now and as Coinbase has under 275 coins listed on their site you can consider a lot of the older altcoins on the site to be off-limits for the time being. Instead, you should set your sights on some of the best new cryptocurrency assets that have recently hit the market.

To do this, the place to turn is to presales. These represent potential and most importantly give you a nearly risk-free investment. Coins going through presale can give you a return before they are listed but also give you time. Investors can evaluate the presale then when it is finished examine market conditions and decide whether they think the coin will pump or if they should jump ship.

We have selected 5 presales we think no one will want to jump off once they see their potential.

Wall Street Memes – Presale Indicates a Big Pump Could Be in Store

If we are looking for coins with impressive presale milestones look no further than Wall Street Memes ($WSM) the presale began less than 2 weeks ago but has already raised $5 million. This impressive showing comes off the back of the brand’s 1 million strong following across social media.

This sort of following could mean huge things, especially in the meme coin market. Hence, Wall Street Memes is being pipped to be the best meme coins to buy now. Crypto enthusiast and the most followed person on Twitter, Elon Musk has even interacted with the account twice on his site. If he was to interact with any of the posts related to $WSM expect the coin to pump massively. Learn how to buy Wall Street Memes now.

wall street memes

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AiDoge – Buzz Still Building Despite Sold-out Presale

The impressive AiDoge (Ai) presale sold out much quicker than anyone was predicting in approximately just one month raising just short of $15 million. Despite this, the buzz has not died down at all as investors are still buying up Ai at the listing price before it goes live. Find out how to buy AiDoge here.

⚠️ Breaking News: AiDoge will be listed in exchanges on the 19th of June! The AiDoge Presale successfully reached its $14.9 million ICO hard cap in only 4 weeks, and the $AI coins are currently in the process of being listed on exchanges. You can still purchase $Ai at the presale price on the official website and potentially benefit from its exchange listing. This is the official page to buy $Ai.

We imagine the hype is because people want to try out the first meme-to-earn platform. Users will be able to use an AI base that has an encyclopedic knowledge of the crypto market to help them make the best possible memes and if the community thinks they are good enough they can even earn some native currency for their work.


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Ecoterra – Green Token Surges Toward $5 Million Mark

The hottest new green crypto going through presale is hurling towards the $5 million raised mark as the hype continues to build. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) stands out from the crowd thanks to its physical benefits to the environment with both its use and reward system.

Individuals will be able to earn native currency when they recycle using the app and reverse vending machines in partner stores. On a bigger scale, companies will be able to earn carbon credits for doing the same. The rewards program is even green as ECOTERRA can be used to pay for beach clean-ups and even environmental courses.

ecoterra 1

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Launchpad XYZ – Crypto Presale Closing in on $1 Million for Web 3.0 Platform

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) had a somewhat slow start to its presale but things are starting to take off now as word spreads about the platform. They have recognized that with Web 3.0 technology always developing there is a need for a platform that not only simplifies it for people but also makes it profitable. Learn how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.

It aims to be the one-stop shop for everything to do with the technology. So whether you are just dipping your toes in the market or you are more experienced and wish to decide what Web 3.0 projects to invest in or games to play, they have you covered.

Navigating a Volatile Crypto Market: MATIC and ADA Experience Price Drops, While New Coins Rally to Impressive Presale Milestones

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DeeLance – $1.275 Million Now Raised as Whales Begin to Circle

DeeLance is another coin whose presale began slow but has now started to take off. Whales are starting to get involved as they likely see the potential the platform has once it is launched. DeeLance will introduce a decentralized platform to compete with Web 2.0 models that currently help freelancers and employers connect.

They have pinpointed many issues such as high fees, payment problems, and disputes, and with the use of Web 3.0 technology, they will be able to tackle and solve them all. The stand-out feature is the peer-to-peer payment system which eliminates the need for a third party and allows them to charge lower fees than legacy sites.

Navigating a Volatile Crypto Market: MATIC and ADA Experience Price Drops, While New Coins Rally to Impressive Presale Milestones
Navigating a Volatile Crypto Market: MATIC and ADA Experience Price Drops, While New Coins Rally to Impressive Presale Milestones

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Navigating the market for the next little while will be difficult. We advise readers to keep abreast of any news developments on our site. However, an evergreen strategy is turning to the best crypto presales. The five we have listed have all impressed during the presale process so offer a great alternative to established crypto tokens.

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