Matrix Mobility, Subsidiary of NavInfo, Strikes Agreement with NaaS

Matrix Mobility, Subsidiary of NavInfo, Strikes Agreement with NaaS
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On July 26, digital mapping company NavInfo announced that its subsidiary, charging service provider Matrix Mobility, had reached a deal with NaaS.

In terms of smart mobility solutions, the two sides will work together to provide carmakers with services such as new energy vehicle planning and search capabilities, recommendations, and at the same time build a more advanced intelligent connected vehicle travel ecology. The cooperation is expected to be officially launched by the third quarter of this year with the results working their way through to the mainstream models of ten different automobile brands including Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Dongfeng-Nissan and BYD.

Matrix Mobility is a company that provides smart mobility solutions and commercial operations for the new energy industry. Through the broad aggregation of upstream and downstream charging travel data and services, the company provides partners such as main carmakers and travel companies with one-stop solutions for charging and charging efficiency prediction along the way. At present, Matrix Mobility has many well-known domestic and foreign partners such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Wuling.

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NaaS is one of the largest and fastest-growing new energy service providers in China. The company digitally connects the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and provides one-stop services for charger manufacturers, operators and main carmakers, so as to make energy delivery more efficient. For main carmakers, NaaS relies on cloud computing, intelligent algorithms and big data service capabilities to intelligently match user needs, car scenario data and charging services. The company also boasts of its desire to innovate the charging experience of “energy plus field intelligence”.

At present, NaaS’ charging services have been introduced into the mainstream models of NIO, FAW-Volkswagen, Voyah and other brands. By the end of 2021, the NaaS business covered 288 cities and 290,000 chargers, with an annual charging capacity of 1.233 billion kWh, accounting for 18% of China’s public charging capacity in 2021.

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