LUNA Crypto Price Continue To Plummet as 5 New Cryptos Are Setting Records on Presale 

LUNA Crypto Price Continue To Plummet as 5 New Cryptos Are Setting Records on Presale 
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The bull run will surely come earlier than expected, as many coins have gained bullish momentum since the start of 2023.

Unfortunately, as many cryptos surge in price, Terra has done the opposite with its plummeting price action. Many crypto investors wonder if this coin has hope of recovery in the market. Indeed, knowing Terra’s future can help you make better investment choices so as not to miss out on the incoming bull run. 

In this post, we will discuss the Terra (LUNA) price overview. Also, we will check out five revolutionary altcoins, including Love Hate Inu, DeeLance, Metropoly, EcoTerra, and RobotEra, that are making waves in their respective presales.


Overview of Terra (LUNA): Any Hope of Recovery? 

LUNA had a promising start to the crypto market a year ago, reaching a staggering $19.54. However, it has taken a nose dive and has been experiencing bearishness in its price action. Despite the LUNA team’s best effort at announcing a potential upgrade to its network, LUNA showed no reaction in the price charts. 

While the community applauds this new update, there is skepticism that LUNA may not improve its price action. Consequently, investors are exiting its community and scouting for potential cryptos in the market to invest and gain massively. 

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Five LUNA Alternatives Worth Considering In 2023

LUNA continues to plummet in price in the market, sowing seeds of doubts and uncertainties in investors. Many experts believe that there is no hope of recovery for Terra.

Interestingly, crypto experts and investors believe five new cryptos are outstanding and can provide the best investment returns in the market due to their impeccable use cases. Let’s quickly take a look at them.

  • Love Hate Inu: World’s First Vote-To-Earn Meme Coin

Love Hate Inu has made an impressive start in the crypto market by being more than a meme coin. This platform retains the theatrics of meme coins. However, it delivers a revolutionary use case where you can vote on issues and earn crypto rewards.

Love Hate Inu focuses on its community by allocating 90% of its LHINU tokens as presale, which has hit different incredible milestones. Also, the community will create future polls and offer suggestions to the Love Hate Inu ecosystem. 

This vote-to-earn platform poses to disrupt the survey industry, which makes it a fascinating altcoin to look out for.


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  • DeeLance: A Revolutionary Decentralized Freelancing and Recruitment Platform

DeeLance is a web 3.0 freelancing platform that connects recruiters and freelancers virtually without needing an intermediary. This platform aims to solve the ills of web 2.0 traditional platforms like payment delays, inconsistent employment, and copyright.

Through blockchain technology, freelancers can receive payments instantly via DeeLance’s native token, DLANCE. Also, recruiters can tokenize their projects after submission and approval to have full ownership. Including the metaverse allows users and recruiters to engage virtually and make bids and proposals.

DeeLance is sure to disrupt the freelancing economy, causing excitement in the Web 3.0 space. Its presale event is going well, and many investors continue to amass DLANCE to enjoy incredible future gains. You can enjoy the investment opportunity this platform offers by investing early. 


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  • Metropoly: An Incredible Platform That Makes Fractional Investment In Real Estate Possible

Metropoly is lowering the barrier in real estate by employing NFT technology in fractionalizing luxurious assets. You can purchase these assets in fractions for as low as $100, available in the Metropoly marketplace. You can purchase them via its native token, METRO.

Thus, Metropoly allows users to purchase various assets worldwide and earn rental income. It opens an opportunity for anyone who seeks financial freedom without breaking the bank or going through numerous expensive intermediary processes.

Metropoly is hot on its heels as it is in its final presale stages. With exchange listings coming up soon, you shouldn’t miss out on this potential real estate platform. You will undoubtedly be on your way to financial freedom and earning passive income for life. 

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  • EcoTerra: An Amazing Eco-Friendly Crypto With Incentives For Recycling

EcoTerra is a new green initiative that incentivizes users to recycle items like plastic and glass. By featuring its mobile App, EcoTerra, users will scan these items, dispose of them appropriately, and earn its native token – ECOTERRA.

EcoTerra also invites individuals and businesses to participate in carbon offset programs to reduce their footprints and earn NFTs. The incentives in this recycle-to-earn platform are endless as it strives to make the earth sustainable and habitable. 

Many environmentally-conscious individuals and companies are siding with this green platform, especially in its presale. They are sure it will deliver massively in utilities and investment opportunities. So, siding with EcoTerra in its early stages will do wonders for your digital portfolio. You certainly do not want to miss out.

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  • RobotEra: The Best Play-To-Earn Ecosystem With Numerous Earning Opportunities

RobotEra is a new Play-To-Earn (P2E) platform that infuses the metaverse so gamers can participate and earn crypto rewards. You can access the metaverse in a robot form and share the experience with other players in rebuilding and developing the virtual world.

As you actively participate in the RobotEra ecosystem, you earn rewards in TARO, its native token. Also, you have the ability to create and trade digital assets in RobotEra so that you can earn passively. You can also engage in events and compete with other players to earn crypto. 

Undoubtedly, RobotEra has numerous earning opportunities, and it will be wise to consider this platform, especially in its ongoing presale. Taking a cue from the past success of metaverse platforms like Sandbox and Axie Infinity, RobotEra is sure to deliver in utility and price. Do you want to miss out on the best gains? Certainly not!


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Final Thoughts: LUNA is Down; Invest in These Five Cryptos’ Presales to Enjoy Immense Gains

Terra (LUNA) has nothing to offer investors as the crypto market ascends to newer highs daily. Consequently, investors should look elsewhere to invest and earn more profits. Interestingly, the five new altcoins we discussed in this post have taken the market by storm via significant use cases. 

These projects will surely deliver the best investment returns in the market. Thus, prepare yourself for incredible short and long-term gains by investing in their respective presales.

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