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Look new Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Written by Punit

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, according to PR News Wire, will be packaged with Qi chargers. Qi chargers are wireless chargers which are currently being built into vehicles as a factory installed option. Samsung will have Qi capability built into the S6 and the Edge variant. It also comes in both black and white colors to perfectly match the color of Galaxy S6 and has a 5-foot long charging cable and 5V / 2A charging brick included in the box.

Samsung has previously sold a basic Qi charger.  It was as good a time as any for Samsung to refresh its wireless charger with a new design. The Wireless Charging Pad, as it’s simply known, now looks like it belongs in the same design category as the GS6

The beauty of a Qi charger is that you don’t need messy cables nor a plug-in outlet. While you still need to charge the Wireless Charger by plugging a USB into, say, a PC, the phones does not need a cable to charge. Simply place the phone on top of the Wireless Charger to let it power up.

This combines well with the fast-charging battery of Samsung, even if the Qi charger still energizes your celphone’s battery slowly.

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