Link Bubble browser for Android goes completely free

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Link browser – a must-have application for your mobile, its a browser which floats on your mobile screen. Its a perfect browser for mobile devices.



No matter, which application you are viewing, Link browser allows you to access or visits websites/pages from your current application, without the need of leaving or changing the app. When you open a browser link using Link browser, it loads the webpage in the background, by showing you a small floating bubble with content loading status along its border. And once the content is loaded, you can read the article, close it or even perform a third-party action like saving it on Pocket App, if you wish to read it later.

Previously, Link browser was available in two versions, a Free version and another Pro version, with limited features in the free version. But in the latest update today, Link Bubble Browser has went completely free. This means, that now you’ll be getting all the pro-features for free, just update your app from Playstore.

Recently, Link bubble got acquired by a startup which is now named as Link Bubble, and the new owners have made it completely free. And as per company’s terms, If you are among those who upgraded from Link Bubble to Link Bubble Pro after August 4th, 2015, the new owners are prepared to issue a refund. All you need is to drop a mail at with your transaction ID.

Source: Official blog

Download from Playstore: Link Bubble

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