Li Auto’s May Day Travel Report: Cumulative Mileage of 144 Million Kilometers

Li Auto’s May Day Travel Report: Cumulative Mileage of 144 Million Kilometers
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On May 6th, Li Auto released a report on May Day travel. The total mileage of its vehicles reached 144 million kilometers, including 72.29 million kilometers driven by fuel, which increased by 147% compared to normal days and increased by 372% from last year’s May Day.

Among them, the pure electric driving mileage is 71.78 million kilometers, which increased by 11.9% compared to usual days. The top three cities that car owners love to go to are: Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Li Auto‘s AD assisted driving has a total mileage of 16.47 million kilometers, accounting for 11% of the total mileage. Over 36% of Li Auto ONE users use AD assisted driving, while nearly 53% of users for L series models use AD assisted driving.

The user navigation assisted driving mileage exceeded 7.8 million kilometers, an increase of 186% compared to usual, and over 69,000 users used navigation-assisted driving for travel.

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The total viewing time of the co-pilot screen and rear cabin entertainment screen has exceeded 597,000 hours, an increase of 113% compared to weekdays. The movie “Moon Man” is the most popular among everyone, while children prefer to watch “Peppa Pig”.

Through the guidance of Li Auto‘s charging map, car owners have charged over 680,000 kWh using fast charging and redeemed 1.82 million points, equivalent to a deduction of RMB 180,000 (USD 26,000) in charging service fees.

On April 20th, Li Auto‘s supercharging station started a trial operation. 7 Super Charging Stations are available for charging over 1,000 new energy vehicles, covering various mainstream new energy vehicle models such as BYD and Tesla.

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