June Google System Updates: Wallet UI for foldables, Find My Device network

June Google System Updates: Wallet UI for foldables, Find My Device network
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The Google System Updates for June 2023 are set to include Google Wallet improvements for foldables and the arrival of the Find My Device network.

On its own, Android is a strong platform upon which to build products like phones, tablets, and more. However, many of the things that make our smartphones smart come from the apps and services that Google adds on top of stock Android, particularly the Play Store, Play Services, and the monthly “Play System Updates” for core Android components.

Collectively, those three are referred to as the “Google System,” and each month, Google lists the latest updates and changes for them. Over the course of the month, the company will gradually add more notes, and we do our best to catalog and explain them here. So check back periodically to see what’s new.

The easiest way to check whether you need to update Google Play Services on your phone is to follow a direct link to the app’s Play Store listing and update from there, if available. To update the Play Store, tap your avatar in the corner, then “Settings.” Under the “About” section, you’ll see an option to “Update Play Store.” Meanwhile, Google Play system updates can be found through the Settings app, under About phone> Android version> Google Play system update.

After a messy two months of oddly timed patch notes, Google is now back on track, sharing the first details about the June updates in a timely manner.

First up, Google Wallet is gaining some improvements for foldable phones – perfectly timed for the upcoming launch of the Pixel Fold and the soon-to-be-announced Galaxy Z Fold/Flip 5 generation. One notable detail our team has uncovered is that foldable phones need to be closed in order to make payments or use passes.

Elsewhere in Google Wallet news, the app is adding a toggle that will let you disable the “fun animations “that the service occasionally shows when tapping your phone to make a payment.

Android owners can also expect the “Find My Device network” to arrive in the very near future. First announced at Google I/O, the Find My Device network will make it easy to locate lost devices – phones, tablets, earbuds, and even Bluetooth trackers – with the help of a massive network of Android devices while also maintaining privacy.

Google Play System Updates for June 2023

Account Management

  • [Phone] New alerts and recommendations to secure your Google Account.

Security & Privacy

  • [Phone] Find My Device now supports more devices, including accessories, using a new privacy-centric framework.


  • [Phone] GPay support for foldable devices.
  • [Phone] Control to opt out of fun animations after you complete a payment or use a pass.

System Management

  • [TV] A reminder dialog for pending system updates has been added.

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