Jimmy Lin Endorses XPeng Motors, But the Picture Shows A Tesla Logo

Jimmy Lin Endorses XPeng Motors, But the Picture Shows A Tesla Logo
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Recently, the new force in car manufacturing, XPeng Motors, announced a partnership with actor Jimmy Lin. It was officially stated that Jimmy Lin became the brand ambassador for XPeng G6.

At the same time, both parties released multiple promotional materials on social media platforms. Subsequently, He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPeng Motors, tagged @Jimmy Lin on social media and reposted the above content saying “Welcome to our new friend at XPeng“.

It is worth noting that in the promotional comic released by XPeng Motors, netizens found that the vehicle being driven in Jimmy Lin’s sunglasses reflection was not the XPeng G6, but a Tesla car.

For this promotional comic, netizens commented that “it was ultimately a mistake, the spokesperson’s eyes are marked with Tesla logo, a marketing failure case,” and so on.

XPeng Motors gives an official explanation-playing a joke. On June 8th, in response to the continued fermentation of Tesla’s appearance in promotional materials, XPeng Motors publicly explained: “These netizens have really sharp eyes and are very observant. The jokes I made were discovered so quickly by everyone. Let’s look forward to tomorrow’s sequel.” And accompany it with the latest promotional material without the Tesla logo.

Regarding this official explanation, some netizens obviously don’t buy it. The official XPeng account frequently posts humorous comments such as “This marketing wave is too funny”, “This can be reversed?”, “XPeng‘s public relations are racking their brains”, and “Tomorrow we’ll wait for the sequel”.

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Jimmy Lin and the Tesla brand received attention due to a traffic accident. In July 2022, Jimmy Lin was driving a Tesla Model X when a serious traffic accident occurred. The vehicle collided with the “divider” and caught fire, causing Jimmy Lin to suffer facial fractures and shattered shoulder bones. The incident attracted widespread attention.

On June 6th, Jimmy Lin officially announced that he had become the spokesperson for XPeng Motors’ G6. He expressed his happiness in becoming a brand ambassador for XPeng‘s G6 and stated that this is a new experience and journey for him.

Public information shows that the XPeng G6 is the first model under the SEPA2.0 “Fuyao” architecture, with a positioning of a mid-size coupe SUV and a starting price of RMB 225,000 (USD 31,600). Its market competitors will directly target Tesla Model Y.

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