ISRO’s commercial Arm – Antrix got hacked

Written by Deepak

Just after the two days of launch of PSLV-C28 (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) along with 5 British satellites, the website of ISRO’s commercial Arm “Antrix“, which deals in commercialization of space products, technical consultancy and transfer of ISRO technologies was hacked on Sunday morning.


At the moment, the homepage of leads to Under Construction page and saying “Come Back Soon”. Earlier in the morning, it led to a sport merchandise page with all text on the webpage, as shown below. It is said to be, involvement of Chinese hackers.


ISRO has confirmed that, there is some problem with the Homepage right now and will be back soon. If you visit the site using Google Search results or direct URL, links like About Us and other are working fine.

There is no update on ISRO’s as well as Antrix’s twitter handle yet. Lets hope, its get fixed soon.

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