Huawei Deepens Cooperation With CATARC in Smart Vehicles Field

Huawei Deepens Cooperation With CATARC in Smart Vehicles Field
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Tech giant Huawei and China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. (CATARC) held a signing ceremony in Shenzhen on August 17 for a new deal to deepen cooperation between the two sides.

Huang Zhiyong, the president of Huawei’s Optical Application Business, said that the firm will integrate with the automobile industry and quickly launch smart car light series products such as AR-HUD (augmented reality head-up display), smart car lights and smart light display.

Public information shows that CATARC was established with the approval of the country’s State Science and Technology Commission in 1985, according to the needs of the state for the management of the automobile industry.

CATARC is a technical centralized unit of the automobile industry under the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of China’s State Council. It is also a technical support institution for formulating automobile industry planning for the competent departments of the national government.

Huawei is also providing diversified choices for car companies in three cooperation modes: standardized auto parts, HI (Huawei Inside), and “Smart Selection.”

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Richard Yu, Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of its Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, once explained that the auto parts mode means that Huawei provides standardized auto parts to car companies, including motors, battery management systems, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit related components. The HI mode means that the firm provides full-stack smart car solutions to car companies, including computing and communication architecture, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent driving technology. The representative models are the Arcfox Alpha S HI Edition and the AVATR 11. “Smart Selection” mode means that Huawei is deeply involved in the product definition, core component selection, marketing services system and other fields of car companies, and cooperative models will also enter Huawei’s offline stores for sale.

In the eyes of the industry, Huawei is building its own “circle of friends” for vehicle manufacturing, trying to build an ecosystem different from other companies, and playing multiple roles such as that of a supplier and of a dealer, so as to realize profitability of its automobile business.

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