Huawei Completes Localization of EDA Tools above 14nm

Huawei Completes Localization of EDA Tools above 14nm
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On March 24th, it was learned that Huawei’s chip design team has worked with domestic enterprises to build EDA tools for processes above 14nm and will complete the necessary verifications in 2023, YICAI reported.

Not long ago, Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, mentioned at the Spark Award Expert Symposium that Huawei had completed the alternative development of more than 13,000 components and the repeated board replacement development of more than 4,000 circuit boards in three years.

Eric Xu, the rotating chairman of Huawei, said at a “swearing-in meeting of hardware and software tools” on February 28th that “Huawei has made great efforts to build our tools around the three R&D production lines of hardware development, software development and chip development, and completed the replacement of 78 tools for software and hardware development, thus ensuring the continuity of R&D operations over the last three years.”

Eric Xu further commented: “Huawei’s software development tool development team began to rearrange itself in 2018, striving to build a complete set of tool chains from coding, compilation, testing, security, construction, release to deployment, and adopting the strategy of self-research and joint partners to research and develop together. This has not only strongly supported the software development of more than 100,000 software engineers in the company, but also provides services based on Huawei Cloud to achieve both internal and external consistency.”

Among them, the hardware tool development team made several contributions, among them were: making a break through in an original technology, introducing new architectures, a release of the schematic tool of Cloud Native, creating a high-speed and high-density PCB layout tool, polishing the 2D/3D CAD tool for structural design, and laying out a multidisciplinary hardware simulation tool.

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At the software level, eleven product development tools have already been released with various partners, and all product lines have been switched to tools released by Huawei itself. “At present, there are about 200,000 software developers and 197,000 hardware developers using tools developed by us or developed together with our partners every month, and there are 203 enterprises willing to pay to use our software tools, which is a recognition of our development tool team,” Eric Xu said.

However, Eric Xu also stressed that although Huawei has made a lot of achievements in the breakthrough product development tools in recent years, it still faces many challenges. There are also many product development tools that have not been completely refined which requires redoubled efforts to attract global talents and completely achieve strategic breakthro

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