How to block/choke somebody else’s Wifi using your Android phone

Written by Chiraj

Today, I will tell you the best and guaranteed and tested way to block any user’s internet on the same network you are connected. Believe me this thing is gold when you are amongst bunch of stupid-shit-downloading-roomies.

For this you will need an android app called WIFIKILL. You can find this app below and you will need a rooted android phone and you are good to go.

Follow the following steps:
1) Once you have installed the app
2) Just connect to the wifi

3) Click on the play button on the top and hang on.It will be scanning the users connected to the WIFI and give you the list of IP ADDRESS

4) Once done,you will see two buttons below namely ‘GRAB ALL’ and ‘KILL ALL’.You can directly connect to every device via ‘GRAB ALL’ and kill everything with ‘KILL ALL’ or you can kill individual device by clicking on any of the device in the device list available, then grabbing and killing it.

PS: Do keep an eye on your own IP ADDRESS,sometimes, when you don’t get the device name, you may end up blocking your own device.

Download WifiKill APK – External Link

Read more about it : XDA Forums

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