Honda Activa Electric Edition Launch Confirmed: Is ICE Petrol Version Retiring?

Honda Activa Electric Edition Launch Confirmed: Is ICE Petrol Version Retiring?
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Honda Activa Electric Edition Launch Confirmed

Honda Activa is finally getting an all-electric version. The Japanese company will officially launch the first generation of Honda Activa Electric edition next year. The electric scooter will be locally developed and wear the “Make in India” badge. The version should have identical features and appearance as that of the current version which runs on an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). Let’s look at all the available information on the all-electric Hona Activa.

Honda Activa Electric Edition To Launch In 2024

The first Honda Activa electric version, which would also be the first Honda electric scooter, will officially launch in March 2024. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) MD and CEO Atsushi Ogata confirmed the arrival of the electric edition at the launch of the Activa H-Smart ICE scooter, which runs on petrol.

The Honda Activa electric scooter will be locally developed and manufactured in India. It will be based on the current version of the scooter which has an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

Although the electric version will be based on the petrol version, it will get a new electric powertrain, which will be non-removable. Simply put, the Honda Activa Electric edition will have a non-removable battery. It should get a capable BLDC motor that could be driven by a belt drive instead of being mounted on the hub.

Speaking about the drivetrain and powertrain, the electric version of Honda Activa will reportedly boast a top speed of 50 Km/Hr. This speed is tough to achieve with conventional hub-mounted BLDC motors. Hence, in all likelihood, Honda will deploy a detached motor that draws power from a non-removable battery and delivers the rotational torque via a belt to the rear wheel.

Will Honda Activa Petrol ICE Version Be Retired?

Honda has indicated that it is working on the second generation of the Honda Activa electric scooter. Although details are scarce, this version will have a swappable battery. The company plans to introduce over 6,000 battery-swapping stations at its customer touchpoints before introducing the second electric scooter.

Incidentally, the first edition of the all-electric Honda Activa could resemble the current generation of the scooter, primarily because Honda will be using a large number of parts, such as the braking system from the current ICE version.

Honda hasn’t offered any specific information about the Honda Activa electric edition. This means aspects such as the actual battery capacity, power consumption, and even the price, are currently unknown. However, Honda could try and keep the specifications close to the Ather 450 Plus and the Ola S1 Pro to compete in the market.

Although Honda will offer an all-electric version of the Activa scooter, the company won’t abandon the ICE version of the popular two-wheeler, hinted the CEO. “ICE-powered models have lower fuel up times and can travel longer distances,” he said. This suggests there could be two editions of Honda Activa in India; one consuming electricity and the other petrol.

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