These Hidden Youtube Secrets Will Blow Your Mind

Written by Punit

Youtube is one of most visited Websites in the World and Still there are a lot of Fun Hidden Easter Eggs that many don’t know about. So, below are some of the Most Hidden Secrets of Youtube.

1- Control youtube video without mouse –

  • K – For pause and play video
  • J – For rewind the video for 10 sec.
  • L – For fast forward video.
  • M – Mute the video.

2 – Type “//” for access youtube TV if its supported in your device.

3 – Putting “ss” before youtube video url ( to download your favorite video.


4 – Same as above putting “gif” in youtube url ( to create gif’s.



5- Type “do the harlem shake” first shake the youtube logo with song and then comes woooo the full youtube page shakes on the beats.


6 – Same as above type “use the force luke” and use the power of mind and mouse. the whole page content flow with your mouse direction.



7 –  Type “doge meme” the text display multicolor with comic sense and much wowwww.





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