Google’s Duet AI can generate custom templates in Sheets

Google’s Duet AI can generate custom templates in Sheets
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Google testers now have the chance to check out another new Duet AI feature in Google Workspace. Starting today, they’ll see a new sidebar for Google Sheets. They can describe what they want to do and Duet AI can create a custom template to help them get the ball rolling.

According to Google, this could come in useful for those looking to carry out tasks that involve complex organization and tracking. The company suggests product roadmaps, company retreats and team budgets as potential use cases. If the feature works as intended, it could help save users a ton of time. It’s available in Workspace Labs for the time being.

A GIF of Google Sheets, showing a user entering a text prompt and Duet AI generating a template for an agenda of a sales event.


Google has been quickly expanding the AI’s toolset since it announced Duet for Workspace at its I/O conference last month. When testers enter a prompt in the web version of Docs, Duet can generate text for them. It can automatically insert smart chips too.

In Gmail, the AI can draft emails on both the web and mobile. It can offer contextual suggestions for replies as well. As for Slides, testers can generate images from text prompts.

Google plans to bring more generative AI features to Workspace Labs in the coming months. Meanwhile, Google’s Bard AI can now export the data that it creates to Sheets, where users can organize and modify it.

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