Google releases family friendly youtube app – Youtube for Kids

Written by Deepak

Youtube for Kids is a dedicated application featuring family-focused content. This app has been designed to be safe, easy to access, and user friendly to kids with bigger interface.

Currently Youtube for Kids, is only available for Android and iOS devices. The videos are narrowed to focuus on the content suitable for whole family. You can browse through four different channels available, which feature categories like Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. The application even has voice search support, so that even if your child can’t spell those complicated words, they can find the videos of their interest.

The app comes loaded with Parental controls, where you can decide:

  • Timer – It has a built-in timer that lets you limit kids’ screen time. The app alerts your child when the session is over.
  • Sound settings – You can disable the background music and sound effects, to keep things quite.
  • Search Settings – You can disable search feature, allowing your kid to view the pre-selected videos
  • Feedback – You can provide instant feedback for issues or features you want to request for.

This app is currently available for free starting today in the U.S. on and will soon be available on Kurio and nabi kids’ tablets.

Download Links:

Android iStore

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